Verge Lead Developer Justin Vendetta Revealed to be Nigerian Prince

In a shocking development Tuesday, Justin Vendetta, lead developer of the Verge cryptocurrency, was revealed to be Nigerian royalty.

“Justin Vendetta is, of course, a made up English name,” the developer told reporters assembled at a press conference. “In my native Yoruban dialect, my name is pronounced Sunerokus Scammington.”

Vendetta, dressed in flowery African tribal garb, promised Verge investors that a major partnership announcement was still on schedule for April 16.

“People have said our recent $3 million crowdfund was an exit scam, but that’s absurd,” he said. “There are just a few last minute kinks to work out. Two weeks should give me enough time to buy a few fake passports, convert my Verge holdings to a Swiss bank account and get cosmetic surgery. Then again, I have had trouble with deadlines in the past.”

Vendetta added that while Verge had reached its crowdfund goal, he was still willing to accept donations via email.

“Much of my personal wealth is still locked up in a Nigerian government vault,” he said. “But if each member of the VergeFam sends me $100, I’ll be able to wire them $10,000 back before April 17.”