Study: 97.6 Percent of Lisk Investors Have No Idea What the Fuck It Does

A startling new report from the Zurich-based Cryptocurrency Research Institute (CRI) claims that 97.6 percent of Lisk investors “have no clear notion” what the project is or what it claims to accomplish.

“We asked 1,000 Lisk investors ‘What does the LSK token do?” said Paulina Saint Germane, CRI spokeswoman. “The most popular responses were “it unleashes the revolutionary power of blockchain,” “it loses me a shitload of money” and “I have no fucking clue.”

When asked to provide clarification, Lisk lead developer Fritz Gimmelsfarb released the following statement.

“Lisk aims to increase blockchain adoption and encourage innovation by creating revolutionary products that will transform every phase of human life,” he said. “We’ve just completed phase one of our roadmap: Creating a currency symbol for our project that looks just like the Ethereum symbol, but standing on top of a block of jet black molten rock.

“Pretty fucking sweet, right? It’s like an Oscar for crypto geeks, or a blue power crystal someone finds in a 1980s fantasy movie starring David Bowie.”

In other news, Stratis and NEM investors have been posting messages on Twitter and Reddit expressing deep jealously over the level of insight Lisk holders have into their project.