WaltonChain Inks Imaginary Partnership with Imaginary Company for Construction of Imaginary Smart City

WaltonChain, a pioneering blockchain company famous for its deeply-unorthodox guerrilla marketing tactics, announced a major new partnership to construct a brand new smart city.

“We’re thrilled to begin work on yet another revolutionary project based on WaltonChain’s best-in-class tech,” said Bing Mok, WaltonChain CEO, at a Thursday press conference.

Mok told reporters WaltonChain will partner with AliBabaTech to construct “a gleaming new smart city in the middle of China’s economically booming Changsu Province.”

Fifteen minutes after the press conference, Reddit sleuths discovered that neither AliBabaTech nor Changsu province actually exist.

Zhou Zemin, a “WaltonChain Knight” and community spokesman, dismissed the allegations as part of a coordinated campaign led by “FUD-spreading VeChain shills.”

“WaltonChain’s record for truth and transparency stands for itself,” Zemin said. “Also, I am not a crisis actor.”

When pressed for more detail Zemin acknowledged that Changsu “does not exist in physical form at the present moment,” but said such concerns are irrelevant.

“Our revolutionary blockchain technology has rendered questions of geography superfluous” he said. “But we fully intend to develop a smart city in the physical realm.”

Zemin said the new city, which will be called MokVille, will have several interesting characteristics: 75-percent of all city wealth will be held in the wallet of the mayor and the letters V-E-N may not be publicly displayed. Additionally, all official correspondence must contain rocket emojis and the phrase “OMG I can’t believe I won!!!”

Zemin admitted the company had erred in naming the fictitious “AliBabaTech” as a partner, but blamed the mishap on the company’s embattled social media manager — a cognitively challenged three-year-old donkey named Wally Walton.

“We’ve subsequently deleted the Twitter and Medium posts making the announcement,” he said. “We’ve also put Wally Walton on half rations — he’s down to two bales of hay per day as the result of his incompetence.”

Zemin added that, to celebrate the partnership, WaltonChain would hand out 1,000 free WTC tokens on Twitter.

“In order to win, each participant must have a Twitter account that is no older than one week with no more than five tweets,” he said. “And all five tweets must be WaltonChain-related. We want to keep this contest completely above board.

“Also, in order to save time, I’d like to make the following announcement: OMG!! I can’t believe I won! Thanks WTC!!!!!”