Man Gives Deeply Unimpressed Girlfriend Spank Coins for Valentine’s Day

Thanks to the rising popularity of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has become a hot new holiday gift trend. Yet not everyone is receptive toward this development.

Tyler Hendricks, a local crypto enthusiast, said he decided to give his girlfriend a few coins for Valentine’s Day, hoping the move would spark her interest in virtual currencies.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work as planned.

“She was totally unimpressed with my gift of 250 Spank Coins,” Hendricks said. “In fact, she called me a ‘pathetic, myopic, neckbeard dumbass’ and broke up with me.”

Hendricks said he was stunned by the turn of events.

“I guess she couldn’t grasp the extraordinary potential of putting adult entertainment on a blockchain,” he said. “I told her that SpankChain has a real world use case and a great dev team, but she acted like I was some kind of moron. That’s what I get for dating a ‘normie,’ I guess.”

Hendricks, who admitted he has trouble attracting members of the opposite sex, did see a silver lining in the situation.

“I’ll have more time for utterly shredding the lame arguments of Bitcoin maximalists on Reddit now,” he said. “Plus, I got my 250 Spank Coins back. Those will come in handy — pun intended — when I’m reunited with Palmela Handerson.”