Charlie Lee Declared “Living Saint” By The Vatican

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, often hailed by investors as one of “good  guys in crypto,” was officially declared a “living saint” at a Vatican press conference.

Pope Francis said Lee’s sterling reputation for altruism made him an obvious choice to be canonized.

“This man selflessly sold his entire position in Litecoin in order to remain impartial and above the fray,” the Pontiff said. “The fact that he sold at $380 per coin is pure coincidence. Charlie is a good guy and would never be motivated by greed.”

Lee, who will now formally be referred to as “Father Charlie,” said he was honored by the Pope’s decision.

“It’s amazing how far a little cut and paste can take you,” he said. “Well, that and working for Coinbase and conspiring with them to add your altcoin.”

Lee said rumors that he paid for his new sacred status with a $100 million donation to the Vatican are unfounded.

“Typical crypto FUD,” he said. “That’s one reason I had to leave the game — I’m too pure for it. Now I’m going to remain totally focused on running my new blockchain-enabled charity.”

That charity, called GoxFam, has drawn criticism from observers who claim that it is a virtual clone of OxFam, a far more established charity.

Local Litecoin investor James McGee scoffed at that notion.

“It’s complete nonsense,” he said. “Father Charlie is a good guy — he’d never intentionally pull something like that.”

Pope Franics denied rumors that Roger Ver has been frantically placing calls attempting to secure living sainthood for himself.