Jack Ma Requests Restraining Order Against Tron’s Justin Sun

Prosecutors in Shenzhen, China have issued a formal restraining order against Justin Sun, the young founder of the Tron cryptocurrency, after he was found lurking in the bushes outside Jack Ma’s Alibaba office.

Sun was detained by police holding a camera in one hand and a tattered copy of “Forbes Asia 30 Under 30” in the other.

Sun claims the incident was the result of a simple misunderstanding.

“Jack Ma is like a mentor to me,” he said. “Anyone who says otherwise is spreading FUD. I think Jack’s just been getting some bad advice.”

Police say Ma grew concerned after Sun’s attempts to “engineer natural seeming photo ops” with Ma had escalated in recent weeks.

“I can’t leave the house without running into this kid,” Ma said. “He’s obsessed with trying to get me to pose for photos and he’s always ranting about something called TronDogs,” he said.

In a disturbing detail, Ma alleged that Sun was recently spotted wearing a Caesar-style bowl haircut and a blue button down shirt.

“I think that goofy little bastard is trying to “single white female” me,” Ma said. “This has gone entirely too far.”

Sun cautioned Tron investors to avoid reading too much into the events.

“Restraining orders between mentors and mentees are hardly unusual,” he said. “Close collaboration breed passion.”

Sun added that Tron was proud to announce a new partnership with Zhapian, China’s 437th largest social network.

“Huge partnerships such as these are clear evidence that Tron is busy building Internet 4.0,”  he said. “$100 TRX is just around the corner.’