Raiblocks to Revolutionize World Finance…as Soon as its Token Stops Destroying Exchanges

The developers of Raiblocks believe they can revolutionize world finance through fast and free transactions.

“That’s our long-term goal, of course,” said lead developer Colin LeMahieu. “Our more immediate goal is to figure out why our tokens are causing exchanges to implode.”

Raiblocks thrilled investors this winter by rising from a few cents to $35 over the course of a few weeks. The advanced technology supporting Raiblocks allowed users to transmit coins between wallets almost instantly.

Unless that wallet happened to be on an exchange.

“It’s been a tough nut to crack,” LeMahieu conceded. “For awhile we believed all coins on Bitgrail and Mercatox were stuck in a state of quantum uncertainty. Our technology is just that advanced.”

As far as investors were concerned, the uncertainty was of a more prosaic type.

“I was totally convinced those exchanges exit scammed with my coins, man,” said Brandon Murphy, a Raiblocks investor. “I was panicked for days. The thought of losing all four of my coins was almost too much to bear. I made sure to send several hundred Tweets expressing my displeasure.”

LeMahieu, who inexplicably named his coin in tribute to former Ed Sullivan Show Orchestra Conductor Ray Bloch, assured LamboDreams that a solution is at hand.

At press time, LeMahieu and his team were continuing to work on a full-scale solution.

“Raiblocks is on the verge of ushering in a world-altering paradigm shift in financial technology,” he said. “Once we stop incinerating exchange infrastructure, it’s all systems go.”